1. Free Initial Consultation

Fast Track offers a free initial consultation to discuss your specific needs, ideas, project scope, budget and timeline. We will guide you through the design processs to ensure you are comfortable and ready to start.

Schedule a free consultation

2. Achitecture design

We will coordinate you with experienced and creative architects to design a home you envision. We will gather information on your lifestyle requirements, your wish list and your budget. We will coordinate with your design drafting, and will ensure the design will fulfill all aspects of your needs before you sign it off.

3. Estimate, Quote,Contract

Once your sign off the architecture plan, we will provide a detailed construction quote tailoring your specifications. We will take care of contractual procedures in a timely manner and keep you informed. A dedicated project manager will update you and answer your questions during the construction process.

4. Permit and city approval

We will take care of all the permits and approvals that are required by the City authority. We will deal with your paper work and fine print!

5. Selection/Shopping

This is the fun process we find most people love. Fast Track will guide you through the all the options and make sure all your decisions are well-informed. If you like us to control your spending, we will!

6. Complete and After Care

We will keep you informed throughout the construction process, therefore do not expect suprises. We will not go away right after you finish your project. We will be around for another 5 years to make sure everything is ok. Read more about our
5 year warranty program!